Friday, February 19, 2021

Challenge #244 - Getting Cozy

I feel like the challenge this week couldn't have been chosen better if we had known what the weather was going to be doing when we picked the topics back in late December. With most of North America in the deep freeze, trying to feel cozy is at the top of everyone's list. I mean, Texas had snow! How crazy is that?!! 

This week's challenge is a fill in the blank challenge. You complete the sentence by filling in the blank, then you make your project based on the words you used to fill in the blank. Do you have a colour that you associate with coziness and warmth?  How would you fill in the blank? Now, take on the challenge of making something amazing with it!

 And make sure to tell us, in your blog post, how you Filled in the Blank!

challenge 244 getting cozy 1


What colours are the Design Team using to create a world of warmth and coziness?

challenge 244 getting cozy 1

Amy Jasper
Amy finds Pretty Peacock makes her feel cozy. She's thinking camping, I bet.

challenge 244 getting cozy 3

For Heather, textured gray says cozy, & a splash of warm red or yellow creates perfect Hgge!

challenge 244 getting cozy 4

Jan finds Very Vanilla ups her cozy factor by several degrees!

challenge 244 getting cozy 5

Jane must have had a cozy green quilt somewhere in her background!

Joanne James
Joanne gets cozy just looking at chocolate brown. Yum! 

LeAnne Pugliese
Peach gets LeAnne feeling all warm and cozy inside!

  • Create any card, scrapbooking page, 3D project or packaging project that fits the challenge.
  • Fill in the blanks with the words that are right for you and then create your project with those words in mind. Tell us, in your blog or on your site, what words you used.
  • Please include the challenge graphic and link back to the challenge in your blog post. Turn off word verification so we can send you lots of feedback. Make sure you link the post not the whole blog to the Linky. Use #AYSI244 when uploading to a public gallery.
  • If you’re unsure about ‘the rules’, check the details under the Challenge Guidelines tab.

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