Friday, April 2, 2021

Challenge #247 - Blazing Blossoms

 For some reason a member of the Design Team (ahem) decided that blossoms would be a great theme for a speed challenge! I don't know what I -er- she was thinking! Blossoms are not that easy to pull off in 10 minutes, but do your best! Find the most undetailed blossoms you can - blazing blossoms!!

When we do a speed challenge we are not expecting a detailed masterpiece from you. We want you to have fun and see what you can create in under 10 minutes! You can design it in your head or sketch it out first. You can gather all your supplies ahead of time. But once you start the cutting/stamping/die cutting/embossing /etc. process, you must start the timer! 

challenge 247 blazing blossoms 1

You have 10 minutes! 
Let us know, with your entry, how long it took you to complete your card or project! The key is to KISS!! Keep It Simple, Stamper!

Let's see how our Design Team members blossomed in 10 min.:

challenge 247 blazing blossoms 2

challenge 247 blazing blossoms 3

challenge 247 blazing blossoms 4

challenge 247 blazing blossoms 5

Joanne James   10m0s

Here are some guidelines for the challenge:

  • Create any card, scrapbooking page, 3D project or packaging   project that fits the challenge.
  • You can come up with your design and gather materials before you start the clock, but once you start work, you have to complete your design in 10 min. State in your blog or description, how long it took you to make it.
  • Use the given theme in your project.
  • Please include the challenge graphic and link back to the   challenge in your blog post. Turn off word verification so we   can send you lots of feedback. Make sure you link the post not the whole blog to the Linky. Use #AYS247 when uploading to a public gallery.
  • If you’re unsure about ‘the rules’, check the details under the Challenge Guidelines

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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  1. I had great fun with this challenge .. .. thank you ladies.

    Love Jules xx