Thursday, April 7, 2022

Winners for Challenge #271 - Flash Dry

Speed stamping challenges are fun! They really are! I wouldn't lie to you! Getting your adrenaline pumping is exhilarating! Getting back to basics but still making a beautiful card is a good skill to have! Planning out your design ahead of time is a different way of creating and trying something different is good for our development as artists, isn't it? Just reading the blogs of our few entries this week will convince you that a good, albeit hair-raising time was had by all! Thanks to the few who gave it a go!

Now on to our winners for this challenge! Because we had only a few entries, we will not be awarding Honorable Mentions this time.

aysi top pick badge

Our first Top Pick is: Deborah Wheeler

deborah wheeler

The wonderful way that Deborah matched her colourful patterned paper with the inspirational sentiment makes this card stand out and you wouldn't believe that it was completed in just over 8 minuntes! The Design Team just loved the colourfulness of her project and the great way it illustrated the "Staying Dry" theme, because to stay dry you don't come outside until the rainbow appears, right?

featured artist badge

Our Featured Artist is: Jolanda Johnstone

jolanda johnstone

Jolanda's beautiful card is a testament to the way that detailed pre-planning and use of a stamp-positioning tool can aid your success in a speed stamping challenge! Would you believe it if I told you that her card was finished in 8 minutes and 54 seconds? If you want to learn how to do a speed challenge then read Jolanda's blog entry. It should be the textbook on the subject! And look at the beautiful colours she has used with her umbrella filled with flowers! Congratulations, Jolanda!

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone who played along! Come back and join us tomorrow morning for our next challenge, a sketch challenge. Our winners today can pick up their badges on this page and display them with pride on their blogs or sites.  

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  1. Thank you for the pick. Much appreciated. Nice cards by all. Cheers, Jolanda