Sunday, January 8, 2017

Good To Be Back Almost

Well, it has been an adventure! When we first learned that As You See It Challenges had been hacked last summer, we thought, "Oh, dear! Well it happens! We'll just get that fixed and be up and running again shortly!" We were clearly viewing the situation through our 'Rose Red' coloured glasses!!

The hack was drastic and complete and affected all our data as well as the data of several websites we were aligned with. The web designers worked long and hard to get us up and running, but just when they thought that they had fixed everything, a new piece of corrupted data would rear it's ugly head and we'd be back at square one.

We decided we would start over with back up data from the host site, but even that was corrupted! We thanked our designers for all their hard work and decided to really simplify and start again from absolute scratch - a new platform, no past data, only a bit of artwork that was salvaged and a newly designed blogsite. It's been a marathon!

But what has been so gratifying to us through this long hard process, was that fact that we still have several of you checking up on us on our Facebook page and we can't thank you enough! I don't know if we would have had the heart to keep going without you!

We are planning our first challenge for Friday, January. 13 and every two weeks thereafter! I hope you'll be there to welcome us back! It's been a long time coming!


  1. I agree with Amy- woohoo! Glad to see that you are back- so sorry that you had to go through all of this- hugs and I look forward to playing along!

  2. I am excited to see you back again too!!!

  3. YAY....just learned that you guys are up and running again... I AM SO HAPPY! I hate I missed the first save it to play with later....thanks for coming back and inspiring us!

    hugs all around *~*