Friday, November 16, 2018

Challenge #189 - Quadriptych

A painting or art piece divided into more than one panel is called a polyptych. When there are three panels, it's called a triptych, but when there are four panels, it's known as a quadriptych or tetraptych. I know - who cares? But when you see our sketch today and want to know how to describe it so that you sound all artsy and everything, now you have a term to sling around and impress everyone. "Yes, this card is based on a quadriptych, actually!" (Everyone's jaw drops! You walk away smirking!) So here's the sketch:

What did the Design Team include in their quadriptyches:

Here are some guidelines for the challenge:

  • Create any card, scrapbooking page, 3D project or packaging   project that fits the challenge.
  • Feel free to flip or rotate the sketch and to substitute one   shape for another but we must still be able to see the sketch   in your finished submission.
  • Please include the challenge graphic and link back to the   challenge in your blog post. Turn off word verification so we   can send you lots of feedback. Make sure you link the post not the whole blog to the Linky. Use #AYSI189 when uploading to a public gallery.
  • If you’re unsure about ‘the rules’, check the details under the Challenge Guidelines tab.

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